jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

un poco de chartpak

Bocetín con marcadores Chartpak. Primero el boceto con marcador lumocolor fino staedtler. Luego en mesa de luz, tinta a estilógrafo 0.1 y un solo color chartpak (banana.) Retoque final con acuarelables Derwent.



2 comentarios:

  1. hii i like how you draw whit the chartpak markers..but i just want to know if someone could teach me or help me with the prismacolor and the chartpak because im studyin fashion design and its my first semester but my teacher want that we already know how to draw like a professional :s and i im in suffer so please help me right away i will thank you so much as every way yo like :)
    for your answers and your help:
    thak you

  2. karla:
    hi there.. making chartpak illustrations is quite easy.

    1. you need an inked drawing, always use waterproof ink, that way the watercolour won't make unexpected splats.
    2. apply a wide flat of colour with the chartpaks, using a brighter tone; because the light sources of the drawing should be untouched by the chartpak media.
    3. once your drawing has flats, apply (gently) the shadows and textures with prismacolors, and/or watercolour pencils.
    4. with a natural hair brush; apply water if you're using watercolour pencils. try to use a few drops of water only.

    try using cardboards, if you use paper; the water is going to bend the thing an you'll get a colorfull mess. :)