miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2019


So... it was some kind of a rush.. One fine day, after so many years without thinking about making comics (at least, author comics). My friend Héctor Germán Santarriaga told me about making a new comic book project; it later became printed with the name Nostromo. It was a success..!!! So.. after 2 numbers of Nostromo, and some anthologies with old work (A Puerta Cerrada, Ecos); I really wanted a title of my own. In 2012 I worked hard to make BAAL a reality. The first step; to make a clean layout. It was the only time that the old cosmonaut guy was drew as a Prometheus styled character.

As you remember the pages, yes!!! This is the final layout for BAAL #1. :]

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