miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2019


As planned, this girls sings a forbidden song to defeat the monster.. the song could be some magical power..??? maybe mystical..??? I didn't know at the time but.. with a lot of research about "names", I ended in some mythological name database on some webpage; so.. it became clear that the name could be close related to the song itself. While searching in the myths of the world, and the names of all eras, I found the name BAAL interesting and appealing, so it stuck somehow.

BAAL, as just the name, is a false-god; part of the cosmology of ancient babylonian religion. I really like it because it sounds like VAL, and it happens to be my very name.. and I liked the concept of the false-god. That could explain a lot about this sisters or demigod girls along the story.So.. while drawing this, I decided that BAAL would be the "magical" song.

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